Being Authentic

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It’s not easy to choose to be your whole self when so often we are praised for being able to choose who we are, when we are. At what cost?

When we show up fully in a space we are bringing our personal lives with our hopes, dreams, and emotions, but we also bring our works, energy, and contributions.

This space will be a success if both are accomplished.

I believe deeply in the power and value of contribution to work that seeks to advance justice and equity on the long arc. That means changing hearts and minds, changing how we critique our own work, how we experiment and test ourselves, and how we lead. In my professional life I pursue this through work with data and analytics in the non-profit space, through studying and consulting on organizational learning, development, and leadership, and through facilitating spaces that help develop in these capacities.

In the personal section of this site, you’ll find examples of work I do to feed my soul outside of traditional work hours.

In the contribution section, I’ll share more about ways that I work to actively contribute to communities and the world.

If you’re interested in collaborating, seeking coaching or consultation, hit me up from the contacts page.