Live groups. Private pods. Trauma-informed. BIPOC and trans led. Online.

Leadership Circle: Fall-Winter Cohort

Mirror work to cultivate compassionate, anti-racist, and equitable leadership.

Alternating Wednesday evenings for 75 minutes starting on September 22nd. 12 classes in total.

LGBTQIA+, QTPOC, BIPOC encouraged. Pay what you want/what you can. Individual class rates are often between $10-15 each, so you might consider between $120 and $180 for the series. Payments can be spaced out over time.

If you want more input on thinking about money, check out this post.

Conscious Yoga Summit

Register for CYS and use my code RAHM2021 at sign up to get 15% off

Thursday, October 7th: Cultivating an Anti-Oppressive Mindset: The Gunas and Kleshas in Practice

Starting with the kleshas, we’ll explore how they reinforce systemic oppression. Then, by working with personal artifacts like to-do lists or a weekly calendar, we’ll explore how the tamasic, rajasic, and sattvic nature of our activities give insight into what we’re projecting.Finally, participants will be able to brainstorm amendments they can make to shift in small steps to move towards more just, sattvic actions.

Session participants will receive a discounted offer for a personal 4 class pass with me.

Private Pod Classes

Opening for new students soon.

Work through an introduction to the eight-limbed system of yoga with practices that meet you where you are.

Recommended for 2-3 friends or family members who want to practice together and serve as a support system for one another.

No prior experience necessary.