learning is a practice

Live groups. Private pods. Trauma-informed. BIPOC and trans led. Online.

Thank you to those who practiced and learned with me in any way in 2021. Here’s the tentative line up for 2022.

This “foundations” workshop is what I’ve found is kind of my current thinking that serves as the foundational philosophy that a lot of the other spaces I hold rest on. If you are already fairly familiar with the basics of Samkhya philosophy, white supremacy culture norms, the cycle of socialization, and karma yoga teachings from the Bhagavad Gita, this will hopefully just feel like stringing beads. If these words mean nothing or little to you, then I’d love you join!

You can get a preview by watching this talk I gave in December 2021. I will admit it’s a little condensed, so the same content will be paced over several hours with space for contemplation and dialogue.

I’ve also got some other ideas in the hopper. Some are closer to the top than others.

Let’s keep things simple this year. Register below; I’ll add you to a calendar item for the event at whatever email address you provide. Events will be added to the form as we get closer and dates/times are pinned down.