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This page specifically focuses on my independent services.

If you’re looking to connect about organizational development and leadership work for anti-racist and anti-oppression workers/orgs, please visit Next World Teams.

There are things I do that I am passionate about but are time intensive to do for free. They’re listed here with recommended financial exchange rates. I am currently primarily accepting money as many of these activities are better facilitated by having access to a car, which comes with its own overhead.

As a general point of reference, astrologists I have studied learned from and paid for as a client charge upwards of $40 for a generalized download resource course, and offer chart readings for between $60 and $210 for a session. Tutoring services on technical skills often range from $35 to $70 per hour.

I post updates on donation/pay what you want community classes yoga as events on my Facebook page.

These are exploratory suggestions and subject to change, both in recommended prices and services. For the “How to Read Your Chart” option, please include your place of birth (city, state, and country), birth date and time.

Ideally, confirm your birth time with a birth certificate. Any discussions had on guessed times will likely feel close but slightly random or ill fitting.

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