Groups and teams make the world go around, whether in work or in community. Once we open ourselves to living our own lives and moving towards liberation, we notice our work with others can sometimes feel like taking a step back. We mess up, we notice ourselves and others in new ways, and can sometimes feel discouraged as we work to do better.

It’s vital that humans work together to strive for and build systems for mutual care and collective liberation.

When we set this objective on the back-burner in order to show up to work or collaborate with others, human liberation is stalled.

No matter where you are, now is always a perfect place to start.

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groups & teams

Workshops and developmental experiences for continuous improvement in equity and anti-racism, rooted in self-awareness and leadership development practices.

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individual growth

Yoga classes and other offerings for individuals pursuing their own journey in living their own lives. No prior experience needed unless otherwise recommended.

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writing & media

Reflections on topics ranging from astrology to white dominant culture, informed by organizational studies, yogic philosophy, program evaluation, and black trans queerness.

Change starts now.