As I’m finishing up with my graduate coursework, I have space to think more clearly about what the accumulation of my skills, interests, and knowledge point toward. Here are a few thoughts that are helping me build the walls of the house of my vision.

  1. Leaders matter.
  2. Everyone is a leader of something.
  3. How leadership is modeled determines how people place themselves in, or exclude themselves from, leader identities.
  4. What got us here (oppression on the brink of apocalypse dressed up in world class technology and quality of life) won’t get us there (liberation giving rise to rebirth marrying new and old technologies for sustainable and equitable futures).
  5. Our internal worlds of embodied experience are fractals of the experience of the groups, organizations, communities, and society we are a part of.
  6. Creating ways to visualize, observe, and study these fractals enable leaders to scale change from the inside out (from them through their sphere of leadership).
  7. New leaders must support each other in a network to crystalize their practice and create new fractals.

Curious about this? So am I. Let’s see what comes next.